when I think about thanksgiving, I think about…

when I think about thanksgiving I think how a family sitting  around a table stuffing their mouth full of food and laughing about what happen over the years or days that you guys did not talk about, just having a fun time. All the guys watching football while the women make dinner and the kids running around wild with their family they have not seen for weeks.




soul surfer

I saw how I POSSESS skills were very important to a person and a leader. I feel like everyone can use them but I know that I will need to work on them so I can be a good leader. I think soul surfer show a lot of I POSSESS skills and show me that anyone can do it you just got to be motivated. Bethany was a good person with the skills she work hard. I know that i’m going put it in my life.


When I think about nature and way I like nature. I think how I like how you can lay on the green grass and see the stars.In the afternoon you can lay and point out what the clouds look like to you or play outside in the dark. Going for a nature run is great too. I think nature is great and everyone should go out and in joy the fresh air.


Self-awareness-ability to understand who you are.

Self-awareness is important to every leader because you should know what bothering other people. Then you try to fix it. I’m not saying that it will be easy to fix the thing that you do it will take sometime to fix it. But I know that it is hard to see what bothering other people or to see what you are you doing wrong. Self-awareness is a great thing to have it can help you with in later life and now too.

What it means for a leader to have persistence and optimism

persistence-means to have a internal drive to stick with something

optimism-means to have internally driven ability to be positive in the face of a struggle

both of them are great to have to be a leader. Persistence is great because you keep going you never let any thing stop you till you hit greatness and if that you keep geting higher and higher. Optimism is also great to have when someone put you down you can be optimism and be happy and when something not going your way just think about the positive it will make your life so much more happy after all there is no more room in  your life to be sad.


A Favorite Time With My Family

My favorite time was when I went to different state to see my family and it was so much fun because I became a aunt. The baby was so cute and I got to see my dad side of the family which was fun. We had dinner together like ever night which was great.But it was sad when we had to go home because we had so much fun .But we all were happy we got to see them again. I hope we can see them again and I hope we can stay longer than two weeks.

A Memorable Experience

It was a fun,exciting,but also a frighting experience at horse camp. It was my first and last experience with camps.

About three years ago,I attended a horse camp for a week.It was fun riding the horse and learning how to take care of them. there was several other activities at night, which were (like night swimming,a hawaiian hula,a church service,and fair night) which were great. I still was very homesick. I had never been away from my family for more than two days.

It was a memorable experience and I learned a lot. I will always remember that experience.I hope one day I will get my own horse. So I can use what I have learned.

The 8 cues that show self-confidence

eye contact- to me is very important because if don’t gave them eye contact they may think their is more important things to do beside what they are talking about.So please make sure you give them eye contact.Tip look between their eye brows

Tone of voice/words-the tone is important because you can sound sad and that may make them feel sad if you guy taking about something happy it may turn sad .word choice is important to if you use bad langues the person may feel upset about what you are saying.

posture/body language-posture when talking to someone you want to have good posture it will show if you don’t have good posture the person who is taking to you may think you are bornd out your mind.body language did you know when talking to someone people will look at your body language and it is 55% they will know what you feel by your body language so keep that in mind.

handshake-when starting off on a converstion you will want a good handshake grip hand good but not to hard and two pumps .

dress/grooming-you look good such as teeth brushed, hair comed out,ect.

facial expression/smile- your smile will make the subject easy going and conforitble for other and will go good.

relaxation/stress level- if you are stress people can tell you mint be messing up on your words and don’t know what to say next.

energy level-if you down about what happen it will show in your subject .but if happy it will make the subject happy.

All About Me

This is my first time that I have a blog but i’m excite to learn. A little about me is that I love to learn but I don’t love ever subject. I think i’m a good student but I do try hard ever day.I just moved to a new school I think i’m doing very good here. I’m making friends meeting new people ever day but I think meeting new people is a good thing. More about me is I love to bake but I need some help here and there but I do think i’m getting better. So I hope one day I can make a huge cake all by myself.


I think my online self is different than my real self because it is hard to be funny on online